Monday, December 9, 2013

Bob Ross' Hair versus Patrick Saunders' Eyebrows

Artist Scott Wulf spied the Bob Ross hair on Patrick's easel in a photo posted yesterday of Patrick's progress on the Pilgrim Chapel painting. Wulf is an incredibly talented illustrator - check out his work here: Scott Wulf Imagery

When Patrick left VML, one of his parting gifts from friends and colleagues was a card they made that has Patrick's face plastered with Bob Ross' hair and beard, and the words "Go and paint your happy trees." Simply awesome. It's been on Patrick's easel ever since he brought it home.

Kudos to Scott for spying the hair, so tiny in yesterday's photo. I personally think the Bob Ross Fro has nothing on the Paddy Saunders Eyebrows, no disrespect to Bob Ross.

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