Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saunders Fine Arts Promotional Shoot for the Great Plains SPCA's 2014 Pawtini Fundraiser

Here's a sneak peak from a promotional shoot Patrick Saunders and I did this week for the Great Plains SPCA's annual Pawtini fundraiser. I won't show the entire image now as a courtesy because it hasn't run in The Independent yet, but how adorable are these fur kids in black tie and pearls? The young male shepherd mix was the sweetest thing - the first thing he did when we met was flop down for a belly rub. And I have a HUGE soft spot for orange male tabbies - they are always the sweetest little cuddle bears. This kitten was no exception - he was handed off a lot over the course of this shoot, and he was such a good sport about it all, even the pearls. Working with a sweet dog and snuggly kitten - not a bad way to spend an afternoon. We hope the GPSPCA raises lots of money at the March 2014 Pawtini event!

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