Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Charlie The Bichon Frise

We had brunch with good friends on Sunday, and we brought our dogs Barney and Betty along for a playdate with the four adorable small dogs who belong to our host. After some barking and sniffing, three of the four host dogs were quickly cool with Barney and Betty, but Charlie took a little longer to warm up to them. He ran to his safety chair and hid under it and barked at our dogs for awhile, then he worked his way to the top of the chair, howling and barking, and then finally got bored with that and came into the living room, barked a bit more, did a little sniffing, and then finally decided that he could live with Barney and Betty being in the house. How stinking cute is Charlie? Who can resist a bichon frise face? Certainly not me.

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