Monday, April 7, 2014

New Painting Started by Patrick Saunders

Here's the beginning of Patrick Saunders' latest painting from a street photo I took in Chinatown in San Francisco. It was a beautiful day that day, and we spent it wandering around Chinatown, checking out the San Francisco Fortune Cookie Company, among other places. I especially love paintings that Patrick does from images that represent great personal memories for the both of us. When this painting is finished and hanging in our home, every time we look at it we will be taken back to a wonderful day and a great memory. Unless it sells at his one-man show on April 25th at Eva Reynolds Fine Arts Gallery - then I'll cry a little and nag him to paint another one that we can keep. We have had numerous paintings at home, such as the Unisphere, and one of our neighborhood in Chelsea, New York, that represent such fond memories for me that I get attached and get upset when they leave the house. Even some of his paintings of places I haven't been, such as the Museum D'Orsay, become so important to me that it is painful when they leave the house. When Patrick took the D'Orsay painting off of our bedroom wall to hang it at the gallery, I started crying, and I don't even know why - I wasn't there when he snapped the photo that he made the painting of, but I spent six months with it on my bedroom wall and became very attached without realizing it. He told me he was going to take it to the gallery, and I was okay with that until the second he took it off of the wall, and suddenly I was crying. You don't always realize how much the art you surround yourself with enhances your life and brings you joy, how much it truly means to you, until suddenly it's gone.

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