Thursday, May 14, 2015

Patrick Saunders Wins Best In Show, First Place In The Oils Division, And Artist's Choice At The 2015 Augusta Plein Air Festival

Patrick Saunders went to the Augusta Plein Air Festival for the first time this year and had a great show of it. His "Stones, Femme Osage" painting, a few of a civil war cemetery near Augusta, won three awards - Best In Show, First Place In Oils, and the Artists' Choice award.

Bob Bahr of Plein Air Magazine wrote a great online article about Augusta for PleinAirCollector: Many Winners at Agusta Event

Here are some other lovely paintings Patrick did during the two-week event.

"Uptown, Augusta, MO" (oil on canvas, 12'x16') - this one is my favorite:

"Peonies" (oil on canvas, 9"x12")

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