Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Telluride Photography

I haven't even begun to go through all of the photos I shot in Telluride - so much beauty everywhere, so much to try to capture in so little time. Here are just a few of my favorites from this very special trip. I look forward to spending more time in this area in the future - it's the perfect place to summer in an Airstream.

Sunrise on quivering Aspens near Mountain Village in Telluride. I was circled by three deer while shooting this sunrise - they were annoyed with me because my presence was making them nervous about making their way to a salt lick set out for them by our gracious housing hosts. They bounced around me for about 15 minutes, and when I finally got what I needed and started moving away, one of them threw me a loud snort. I read later that this is what they do to show disgust with humans who get too close and/or annoy them. Plus, apparently we smell really bad to them as well, so they just really don't like our presence all the way around. I stayed calm while shooting, but the power of their movements startled me because I could feel the vibration of their jumping through the earth under my feet. I really wanted the shot, but also came to realize that if one of them had charged me that would probably have been it for my camera gear, and maybe serious harm for me. They seem so gentle and quiet from a distance, but when you are close to them and they move suddenly, you quickly learn to respect their strength.

An old mining shack on Highway 145 into Telluride.

Keystone Gorge Loop, Telluride, Colorado

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