Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Waking Up With An Idea

Don't you just love it when you go to bed mulling something over, and then you wake up with an idea?

And isn't it funny how that idea almost never ends up being the final idea, the final image, the final product, the final piece? That original idea is almost always just a starting point. A beginning that leads to something even better. And that final choice probably has at least a dash of happy accident, a little bit of serendipity sprinkled on top of it, if you will, even though we all like to claim that everything we do is well planned and intended.

Interesting how that works. And the process itself is so enjoyable. The making of something, no matter how relatively insignificant, regardless of how it turns out, is so fulfilling.

We'd like to think that forethought and good planning make a difference. And they do. All very important, necessary, and invaluable. But often the end result of something is miles away from the beginning and the planning. And that's what makes the process interesting as well as fun. You are learning and growing every step of the way, because nothing ever turns out quite like you planned it, the way you first envisioned it. Thank goodness.

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