Monday, July 28, 2014

Family Christmas Card Photo Shoot In July

Patrick Saunders and I recently did a Christmas card photo shoot for a family in July of all months because it was the only time the whole family could get together under one roof before the holidays. This lovely family has two beautiful orange tabby cats who they wanted to include in their shoot. These handsome fellows did a pretty decent job of posing for us for the shoot, and even let us photograph them individually after we were done with the family picture. I don't want to post any of the family photos so as not to spoil their Christmas card, even though it is months away, but I couldn't resist posting one more image of one of the handsome tabby brothers. Don't let this serious face fool you - this boy was the friendliest, sweetest little thing - Patrick and I fell hard for them both right away. Tabbies tend to have that effect on people.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

SFA Photo Of The Day: The Henry Shaw Mausoleum At The Missouri Botanical Garden

While visiting the Missouri Botanical Garden, we happened upon the mausoleum of Henry Shaw, the founder of the garden. Mr. Shaw has a truly beautiful and peaceful resting place. We need to return to "Shaw's Garden" as soon as possible, because we didn't have nearly enough time to take this incredible garden in. It really is outstanding, and so large, you need at least a full day to explore it.

Friday, July 25, 2014

SFA Photo Of The Day: Gecko Lizard At The Missouri Botanical Garden Climatron

Patrick Saunders spotted this charming creature during our visit last weekend to the Missouri Botanical Garden Climatron in St. Louis. The Gecko lizard didn't seem to mind being photographed - it didn't scamper off anyway - and at no time did it try to sell us any car insurance.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Patrick Wins The KC Big Picnic Quick Paint Event

I am so proud for Patrick Saunders that he won the first KC Big Picnic's first Quick Paint event last Sunday. KC Big Picnic was sponsored by MWE, Inc., The Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department, and the Nelson-Atkins Museum. Patrick has had such an incredible en plein air year already, and he is just getting started!

Monday, July 21, 2014

White Roses Painting By Patrick Saunders

This is the first floral painting by Patrick Saunders that I didn't even have a chance to get attached to and cry about when it's gone because it has already sold. This floral was purchased while it was still wet on his easel! Patrick did this painting as a demonstration for students in his latest painting class at Eva Reynolds Fine Arts Gallery in Leawood, KS. Eva took a picture of the painting as Patrick was finishing it, e-mailed the picture to a client, and the collector bought the painting on the spot just from the cell phone photo! I loved this painting the second I saw it, but I only got to photograph it, and then it was gone.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The First Look - Wedding Photography

This is another one of my favorites from a wedding I second shot for Pond Photography this season. The look of pure love on their faces when this couple had their first look on their wedding day is really touching. True love is a beautiful thing.