Sunday, August 24, 2014

Saunders Fine Arts Photography - Luke Ritter Senior Photo Shoot I

Patrick Saunders and I recently did a senior photo shoot with this impressive young man. Luke Ritter is a senior at Rockhurst High School this year, and will head to Wichita State University next year on a baseball scholarship. He has been playing baseball seriously since he was a young boy, which means a lot of hard work over the years on his part, and a huge commitment on the part of his parents to support his aspirations. Luke wasn't really into having a senior shoot - it was his mother who really wanted it. But this is a kid who has great parents, and he knows it, so he played along and was a really good sport about the whole thing, just to make his mother happy.

We were rained out on our first shoot, and the only day we could reschedule was Mindy Ritter's birthday. We didn't know it was her birthday until the shoot started - this wonderful mother was willing to sacrifice part of her special day to make sure this shoot happened - it was that important to her. And I shouldn't reveal this, but before the shoot, Luke even went to a quilting store with his mother to sign off on a quilt she is making of his baseball jerseys. Even if it was my mother's birthday, there is NO WAY any of my three brothers would set foot in a quilting store for Mom. Luke is a great kid from a terrific family, and Patrick and I wish him all the best in his very bright future.

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