Thursday, December 4, 2014

Saunders Fine Arts Photography - Singer Family Holiday Photo Shoot

Patrick Saunders and I had the privilege of photographing a really fun family on Thanksgiving weekend. We had to cover a lot of ground in only one hour, but this family made it a pleasure - lots of laughter and joking throughout. We shot a lot of photographs utilizing this very interesting sculpture in their front yard. A fun family that appreciates art - definitely our kind of people.

This is one of my favorites - a nice moment between a mother and her daughters. Thank you Patrick Saunders again for being the world's best shooting partner.

A grandson and grandmother doing their best Charlie's Angels. This was grandma's idea - fun grandmothers are the best, and if you grew up with one you are blessed. Their metal buddy is Joe Six, a quirky sculpture that has become a beloved part of the family.

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