Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Kansas City Museum's First Annual Quick Paint Contest

I had a lot of fun photographing and filming this event. It was a perfect evening at a wonderful location for plein air painting, and I'm glad the museum plans to make it a yearly event! The video is in a previous post, and here are some of my favorite stills from that night. Congratulations to talented artist Peggy Wilson for her first place win!

2015 First Annual Quick Paint Contest At The Kansas City Museum

Here's a video Patrick Saunders put together of footage I shot of the first annual quick paint contest at the Kansas City Museum. Whiskey For The Lady, which performed at the event, was kind enough to allow us to use their music for the video. It was a wonderful night sponsored by the Central Bank of Kansas City, and such a great location for a plein air event!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Andrea's Portrait Painting Photo Shoot

This is my favorite outtake from a photo shoot with the lovely Andrea last week. Patrick Saunders did a demonstration portrait painting in one of his recent classes with Andrea's brother as the subject. Andrea's mother loved the portrait so much that she bought it, and then decided she needed a portrait painting of her daughter Andrea as well.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Warm Chairs, Wet Patio Painting By Patrick Saunders For Stems Plein Air

Patrick Saunders painted this in the rain at Craig Sole Designs in Overland Park as part of the annual Stems Plein Air event. It's been difficult for him to paint this year at this event because it has rained constantly for the last two weeks, but this charming work came out of less than ideal weather. Yet another painting of Patrick's that I have to try not to get attached to, because this one will sell fast! I should just try not to even look to closely at his work anymore when I photograph it - ha! Patrick said he felt the light reflections on the wet patio rocks is what really made the painting.

"Warm Chairs, Wet Patio" (oil on canvas, 12"x9")

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Texas here we come!

Congratulations to Patrick Saunders on being accepted into the second annual invitation only En Plein Air Texas event! This might be our first plein air trip in The Pod!