Monday, June 6, 2016

Saunders Fine Arts Photography - Annapolis, Maryland

St. Anne's Church, Annapolis, Maryland. Photo by Saunders Fine Arts

The Maryland Federation of Art's Paint Annapolis was the first of eight almost back to back plein air events Patrick participated in just this summer. He was fortunate enough to be accepted into every event he applied to in 2016, sixteen of them in all. We did not expect this. We figured he'd maybe get into half of them. And then when he got lucky, we had to figure out how we were going to get from one place to another fast enough.

So, we hightailed it to Annapolis, Maryland, right after all of Patrick's events/workshops in Missouri. We debated whether to take both my Smartie as well as the tow vehicle, but once we got to Annapolis we were glad to have my little golf cart. The streets of downtown Annapolis are colonial - extremely narrow, and the area is such a tourist destination that parking is a challenge. One of many things I love about my little blue car - it can fit almost anywhere. 

We walked past The U.S. Naval Academy one evening before dinner. The campus is beautiful, and definitely worth a visit. Patrick painted an old stained glass window while there, sorry no photo. You see a lot of young people in the Navy in downtown Annapolis every day in their dress whites. I was so impressed with how white their clothes were, and how white they seemed to stay. How on earth do you get and keep dress whites like that clean? 

Patrick painted a lot of boats while in Annapolis, because it's all about the boats there. Summers are as hot and humid as in the Midwest, so the best place to be in Annapolis during this time is on a boat enjoying the Chesapeake Bay.

Paint Annapolis was where Patrick took a swing at his first ever nocturne painting. I was very proud of him for this. He had PRK surgery on his eyes a few years ago, and while the benefits of the procedure make it well worth it, one sacrifice is not always being able to see as well at night over time. Lights tend to fan out into blurry circles, and he finds it hard to see color well. He hated the painting, and wanted to paint over it, but I talked him out of it, and it won an award. Patrick thanked me at the awards ceremony for talking him out of scraping it down. Such a thoughtful and humble guy. He's a keeper.

"Night Falls On the Maryland Inn" (oil on panel, 12"x16") by Patrick Saunders won a second place nocturne award at Paint Annapolis. 

Since Patrick was brave enough to try nocturne painting, I decided to take a swing at night photography, something that's outside my comfort zone. This is a long exposure of the Maryland Inn at night. Not terrible for a first try, not great. Definitely fun though and something I want to keep practicing.

A long exposure of the Maryland Inn, which dates back to the end of the American Revolutionary War. Photo by Saunders Fine Arts

Our first full day in Annapolis was Memorial Day, and we spent some time at the Annapolis National Cemetery. I took some photos of unknown soldier headstones. The sheer number, and the precision of placement, of white headstones in military cemeteries really drives home the human cost of war. I also can't imagine the pain of not having your loved one's remains. To never know for sure where they are, or where they might have ended up. I can't even wrap my head around what it must be like to have to learn to live with that.

An Unknown Soldier buried at Annapolis National Cemetery. Photo by Saunders Fine Arts

The next morning, we headed to Herrington Harbour North Marina Resort, where we found many people living on their boats, leisurely sailing the world.

"Morning After the Holiday, Herrington Harbour" (oil on panel, 16"x20") by Patrick Saunders

Herrington Harbour North Marina Resort. Photo by Saunders Fine Arts

We also had the chance to visit Historic London Town & Gardens, a lovely event space on Chesapeake Bay. Patrick did a nice azalea painting there. The man can paint a floral like nobody's business. All those years he spent at Hallmark painting flowers with Gail Flores have really paid off. You should ask Patrick to tell you his wadded up toilet paper story.

"Azaleas In The Glade" (oil on panel, 9"x12'') by Patrick Saunders

We really enjoyed our week in Annapolis, but as soon as it was over, we had to hustle, because we only had one day to go from the ocean to the mountains for Mountain Maryland Plein Air.  - Kimberly

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  1. I love the paintings! I grew up in Maryland and ate crabs then, but I'm vegan now so good-bye crabcakes. I also wrote some humorous cards for Hallmark as a free-lancer when I was in college at Missouri, and my big regret is that I didn't apply to work there when I graduated. I probably wouldn't have been hired, but if I had I think I would have enjoyed it. And maybe I would have started painting sooner.