Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Saunders Fine Arts Photography - Maui, Hawaii

We traveled the entire Hana Highway on our first day in Maui, Hawaii, stopping at the Haleakala National Park in order to hike the Pipiwai Trail. Please forgive the iPhone photos of this trail - it was a very rainy, humid day, so we decided not to risk our camera gear, even with dry bags. The banyan tree, the bamboo forest, the Waimoku Falls, and driving the Hana Highway itself, were all extraordinary experiences we'll never forget. 

We posted a video of Patrick Saunders walking under the banyan tree on our Plein Air Streaming blog that conveys a sense of the scale of this remarkable tree.

Giant banyan tree on the Pipawai Trail

Waimoku Falls, Haleakala National Park
As spectacular as the Hana Highway is, the Honolua Bay trail in Honolua, Hawaii, just might be our favorite place on all of Maui that we visited. The path to this popular snorkeling bay leads you through a tropical forest that makes you feel like you've just stepped into a fairy tale, and we love that chickens have free reign on this entire island. We hashtagged a photo of some chickens, using #chickensofmaui, and lo and behold, an Instagram account, @chickensofmaui, started following us, and this account, as you can guess, is entirely dedicated to documenting the chickens of Maui. Love it.

Honolua Bay

Patrick Saunders painting on the Honolua Bay Trail for the 2018 Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational.

The chickens of Maui

A rooster crowing on the Honolua Bay Trail.

So many walk this trail daily that some baby chicks are more curious than cautious. This one came right up to our feet, perhaps hoping for food.

Midway through the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational, the competition artists were invited to the gorgeous Montage Kapalua Bay Resort to paint a portrait of a Hawaiian model. You can see photos of Patrick's portrait demonstration at our Plein Air Streaming blog. Kimberly took this photo from a resort balcony at sunset. People who live on Maui get to see spectacular sunsets and sunrises on the ocean every day. Even when it's cloudy or rainy, the ocean view on this island never disappoints.

After Patrick turned his event paintings in, we had a little more time to enjoy Maui, so we headed to D.T. Fleming Park beach again, where Patrick did a painting for the invitational earlier that week. We carved 20 years of marriage into the sand, and wiggled our toes in it, and Patrick made a pretty good pyramid and sphinx.

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