Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Saunders Fine Arts POTD - Travel Photography in London, England

#TakeMeBackTuesday to our trip to Europe last fall. Here are a few more of my favorite photos of London, United Kingdom, our first stop. - Kimberly

Peter Rabbit at King's College
A view of Saint James Palace through St James's Park
Sunset on the old and the new along the River Thames, London, UK at Southwark Bridge.
Never quite worked up the nerve to give the Starflyer a whirl.

The Red Lion on Parliament Street
The courtyard of the historic St James's Hotel and Club
Cildo Meireles' Babel 2001 at the Tate Modern

The Tate Britain dome
Unrepaired bombing damage on the west wall of the Tate Britain as a reminder of World War II

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