Saturday, May 1, 2021

Patrick Saunders Fine Arts - Western Art - "Amor a la Vida"

 There's something about seeing a moment that I captured with my camera become a painting by Patrick Saunders.

It's happened many times now, and it's always a joy to see a good memory transcend a photograph. But sometimes, Patrick does a painting of such moments that grabs my heart even more than usual.

This painting is one of them. When I look at this, I'm not only taken back to what I saw in the moment, but how I felt on that beautiful sunny day in Dallas, enjoying the chance to catch these lovely young women practicing their dancing for a Dia de los Muertos parade.

It’s extra thrilling when one of Patrick’s paintings just radiates what we both felt in a moment, not just what we saw. Patrick was able to capture that because even though it happened to be one of my images he ultimately painted from, he was there alongside me taking pictures, and he felt the same thing too. Maybe there’s even some wistfulness now in my reaction to the painting, because it was the last time we were part of a large crowd of people before Covid-19 hit.

Either way, whenever I look at this painting, or an image of it, I’m right back in that moment, enjoying a beautiful day doing something I love. - Kimberly


 Amor a la Vida"• Oil on Linen • 48" x 38" • Available at


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