Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Patrick Saunders Fine Arts - Art Review - "Lime Tree Shade" by Amy Katherine Browning

Today's #museumtourtuesday features a work by British impressionist Amy Katherine Browning. This painting resides in the collection of the Ipswich Museum in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

The piece is simplistic in its approach, with thick impasto dabs of paint and almost no attention to detail. It's the color temperatures and values which make it appear so striking to me. The skin tones of the girl's face perfectly capture the sense of light coming through the leaves of the tree. Adding vibrancy to the scene are the cool areas of blue shade in the far background, as well as her dress. It's an excellent study in dappled light, especially on the back of the dog.

Born in 1881, Amy Katherine Browning was a favorite student of Gerald Moira, who often asked her to teach his male student painters. She went on to win a number of medals from the Paris Salon, including a gold medal for the painting featured here. Her portrait commissions included Sir Winston Churchill, as well as his wife, Clementine. She would sign her work "A.K. Browning" to avoid any gender discrimination. - Patrick Saunders

"Lime Tree Shade" • Amy Katherine Browning • Oil on Canvas • 114 x 107 cm • 1913

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