Thursday, October 7, 2021

Patrick Saunders Fine Arts Dog Portait Painting - "Jilly"

Jilly just couldn't wait to pose. Every time we turned around, she had positioned herself for a perfectly composed photo. What a smile she has. She's a natural model.

We particularly loved the way she lounged on the welcome mat of her home. Everything about Jilly conveys the warmth that we felt during this visit. She and her sister Leche, whose portrait I previously shared, were excited to meet us, and made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived.

Kimberly and I were actually only there to photograph Leche for a portrait commission, but Jilly was not about to let us leave without getting in on the action and attention. So, her humans decided they better get a portrait of Jilly too. - Patrick Saunders

"Jilly" • Oil on Linen • 9" x 12" • Private Collection

Reference and painting photos by Kimberly at Saunders Fine Arts.

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